SS '20 Collection Coming Soon!

This season we explored the concept of femininity, and different ways it can be interpreted. We design for the modern day woman who is the shadow of innocence, love, romance, boldness and surrounding the light to expose her femininity in emotions, moods and experiences.

Our collection, ode to the artistry and craftsmanship of Bengal, Adding a femininity of color, texture, material and experimenting with embellishments and detailing, translating those images into luxurious, glamorous and timeless sophisticated collection, creating a wardrobe for a woman with a strong, unwavering sense of self strength. The use of floral patterns are beautifully combined with geometric elements, and tie-dye textures, the Influence of shape and proportion can be seen on cinched waists, lengthened hemlines, and sloped sleeves. The color of soft pastels, warm blush tones, black and white are tribute to the women and their works, shapes and exploration in modern femininity.

Fabrics like silks, cottons, pleated chiffons, and modern tweeds, segue to delicate embroidery combines simple elegant and comfort for your everyday wear enhancing to stay true and inspirational to our loyal customer and her love of femininity.


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